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Our expertise helps individuals, businesses, Governments and their agencies reduce the margin of error in their critical decision making processes, by ensuring the available facts, the tested logic and the reasoning frameworks behind those all important ‘final calls’ are objective and transparent.

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Growth abounds where certainty exists. Yet most organisations operate in uncertain conditions where accurate decision making is critical but speculation is an unavoidable reality. Veriluma’s predictive intelligence technologies improves rigour, and more accurate decision making under conditions of uncertainty.

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Predictive Intelligence takes the ‘knowns’ and ‘unknowns’ about situations and applies a reasoning framework to them to arrive at a set of conclusions that inform our decision making. It provides insight into unforeseen influences and consequences, and helps us make educated, well reasoned decisions faster.

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When our own human condition makes it impossible to see the woods for the trees, Veriluma provides methodologies, technologies, and systems that augment human cognitive capacity while also mitigating its defects.

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