About Veriluma

Veriluma is an innovative Australian software company founded in 2010.  Veriluma’s patented algorithm was originally developed for the Australian Department of Defence where situations can lack certainty, reliability and may depend on input that is subjective. Regardless, in these situations, decision makers still need fast and accurate insight that supports action.

Veriluma’s prescriptive analytics software is used across a range of industries and applications that require the same fast, accurate and actionable insight. Whether decision makers are in financial services, law, insurance or government, they all demand more than just insight for insight sake. They need to understand the likelihood and certainty of events and situations happening and the identified risks to be mitigated.

Veriluma’s software complements and extends data analytics, business intelligence and machine learning. Our software can also incorporate information that is subjective, uncertain or unknown and turn insight into strong directions and action.


Mentum Systems challenges organisations to innovate in governance, risk and assurance to better understand complexities and make better decisions.

The future of business lending. Meeting the needs of both borrowers looking to expand their businesses and investors looking for a higher return on investment.

Proactive, pre-emptive, real time monitoring and oversight, is the future of Financial Services.

AVVA combines subjective expert opinion with objective decision making frameworks to help make better, more informed decisions about new startups.

Made In The Now is not your typical incubator. We’re venture builders by design.

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Board and Management

Andrew Grover

Executive Chairman

Andrew brings 25 years’ experience in growing successful businesses across a diverse range of industries. As a founder and investor in numerous innovative companies, his businesses have been featured in BRW Fast 100 and Deloitte’s Fast 50 over several years.

Ben Secrett

Company Secretary

Ben has over 10 years’ experience providing corporate law, governance and advisory services as a corporate lawyer and most recently a Principal Adviser with ASX Listings Compliance. Ben holds qualifications in economics, law and corporate governance.

Steven Formica

Non Executive Director

Experienced NED of ASX listed companies with professional and practical experience in building, construction and the mining industries.

Elizabeth Whitelock


Elizabeth is an executive skilled in managing and growing teams for global tech, including roles at IBM and SAS. Skilled in software sales, channel development for products delivering Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Quality and Analysis, SAAS and Professional Services, Elizabeth has a singular focus to grow Veriluma in global expansion.