About Veriluma

Veriluma is an innovative Australian software company founded in 2010.  Veriluma’s patented algorithm was originally developed for the Australian Department of Defence where situations can lack certainty, reliability and may depend on input that is subjective. Regardless, in these situations, decision makers still need fast and accurate insight that can be actioned.

Veriluma’s prescriptive analytics software is now being used across a range of industries and applications that require the same fast, accurate and actionable insight. Whether decision makers are in financial services, law, insurance or government, they all demand more than just insight for insight sake. They need to understand the likelihood and certainty of events and the risks to be mitigated.

Veriluma’s software complements and extends existing data analysis, business intelligence, and risk tools. Our software can also incorporate information that is subjective, uncertain or unknown and turn insight into strong directions.


Advice RegTech is a regulatory compliance technology and consulting company specialising in the financial advice and wealth management sector. Solutions are underpinned with prescriptive analytics, and are designed for regulators, professional bodies and advice licensees to pre-emptively improve financial advice compliance and oversight of Best Interest Duty to consumers.

OGA build better businesses through designing, delivering and supporting solutions that drive innovation and unlock tangible business benefits. These benefits can range from increasing operational efficiency through to unlocking the value of organisational data and information.

Veriluma’s engine is used to assess likelihood and certainty of repayment for an SME loan via the Marketlend P2P lending platform

Board and Management

Elizabeth Whitelock


A founding shareholder of Veriluma

27 years of experience in applications for databases, data integration, data analytics, business intelligence at such companies as Ingres, SAS, IBM and Microstrategy

Experienced in emerging and turn around situations

A strong leader who builds committed, capable teams

Client-centric with success in direct and indirect software sales and services

Di Girvin


Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Significant experience in tax compliance and advisory services

Diverse knowledge, working with small to medium-sized businesses

Assists with strategy, management reporting, cash flow, R&D, and grants

Extensive experience gained at one of the Big 4 as well as in public and commercial practices

John Welsh

Non Executive Chairman

Arun Sengupta

Non Executive Director